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  • The Art of Living

We may look at it either from philosophical viewpoint or from a scientific one, human life is accepted as a most valuable possession. Physical, mental and spiritual fields are full of such miraculous capacities that they can not even be imagined by an ordinary intellect. If we can acquire the knowledge of developing them and inculcate the attitude of putting them to proper use, life can be full of heaps of mundane and divine acquisitions.

Man has been bestowed with not only human but also godly means of leading his life. Inspite of this, he has to lead a miserable animal like life because he neither pays any attention to fundamental principles which make life full and vital nor put them into practice. Knowledge of leading life properly and artistically is called the ‘art of living’.

Proper planning of life makes it attractive & beautiful, where as its maladjustment makes it ugly & unprofitable. Gods are beautiful, pure and systematic. Evil spirits are frightful & unsystematic. Man acquires godly status by accomplishment of life whereas he reaches devilish state by ignoring it. Godly spirits produce happiness, contentment & evil spirits always raise fresh problems.

The art of living consists in making one’s personality pure and beautiful by solving the problems of life & decorating it with desired acquisitions. Constant practice of adopting this art in practical life is called accomplishment of life. Devotion is the means by adopting which the ugliest becomes most beautiful & attractive.


  • Look Only for Your Own Faults

It is not gifted everybody to be able to analyse oneself & to understand one’s own deficiencies & get ready to fight against them. Thoughtful & courageous people alone can do all this. Others cannot even understand their weaknesses. If somebody points them out, they take him to be their enemy & at fault; take it ill & are ready to quarrel with him. They themselves want to be free from fault by imposing on others, the failures due to their own deficiencies. Generally, people adopt this path but this self-deception does not change the situation. Our own vices are the greatest obstacles in the way of our progress. No effort is made to remove them. Consequently, the door of progress remains closed. People go on whining, complaining, crying & talking of illfate & Kaliyug (age of vice) etc. & satisfy themselves somehow by throwing the blame on others.

If we have to find faults, we should look within & should try to eradicate them. This is possible only through self-introspection & self-inspection. Great men have made progress & achieved greatness only in this way. We should take lesson from their lives & follow suit.

  • Mental Tension

Man alone is born crying & lives & dies complaining. Other being have neither worries nor problems in their lives. But man on account of being rational & emotional is influenced by even small thing & manifests his reactions. These reactions are more unfavorable than favorable.

Someone is worried on account of lack of material happiness & comforts; someone else is worried on account of lack of mental peace. These problems have become even more serious these days. New problems are arising alongwith the development of civilization. Of all the problems created by today’s material civilizations, the main one is mental tension.

To keep oneself busy is the surest way of keeping free from mental tension alongwith various kinds of problems. Co-ordination between ambitions & capabilities also reduces tension to a great extent. Everybody is desirous of rising higher than his present position & reaching the acme of progress. Freedom from anxiety should be made our aim, but we should not be impatient & bewildered. The aim can be achieved step-by-step.

It is also necessary for an individual to have faith in God in order to save himself from bodily ailments produced by tension. Some people may object to the acceptance of God’s existence, but everybody can have faith in himself at least.


  • Solutions of Today's Problems

Every body is worried today on account of internal conflict. A person has adequate wealth & means of livelihood, even then, he appears to be unhappy & worried. Another person looks lost inspite of being highly educated & well placed. Businessmen, scholars, leaders, religious persons & highly placed officers appear to be worried only for a solution of this problem. Most people complain of conflict, unhappiness, anguish & distress. Majority of people ‘both small & great, are worried only on account’ of these problems & make various efforts to get rid of them, even then, no solution is found.

In fact, the solution of these problems of life does not lie in the world of external achievements. The solution lies within the man. The pride of prosperity, beauty, scholarship, intelligence, post, etc. is the boundary wall which has kept us apart from the realities of life. Pride, egoism may be of any quality, beauty or article, keeps man distant from real happiness & spiritual peace. How can he, whose mind & heart are caught in the siege of this vanity, remain contented.

When the rich will give up pride of wealth & will link their heart with poverty; when the scholars will sit in the line of ordinary being; when high officers will start worshipping common man, their egoism will vanish easily by itself & they will be able to find the solution of this important problem of life. Real happiness of life is only possible by making the heart free & comprehensive.





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Life's Experiences >> Inspirational Stories >> Page 1  2  3